Published: 31.05.2023

Last updated: 31.05.2024

Information about the sustainability of the financial product according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 ON SUSTAINABILITY-RELATED DISCLOSURES IN THE FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTOR (Sustainability Regulation)

Name of the financial product: INDEXO REAL ESTATE FUND AS (Fund).
Transparency of sustainability risk policies according to Article 3 of the Sustainability Regulation

“The Fund has not yet conducted a materiality assessment of sustainability risks and accordingly has not integrated sustainability risks into its decision-making process. The Fund plans to conduct a materiality assessment by the end of 2024 and integrate sustainability risks into the decision-making process in 2025. As a temporary solution, the Manager uses environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG or sustainability) factors survey for potential investments. If possible, the Manager chooses environmentally friendly objects for investment. If a significant and unsolvable ESG problem is revealed in the due diligence process before making an investment decision, for example, obvious environmental pollution caused by real estate, then the investment will not be made.”

Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts according to Article 4 of the Sustainability Regulation

"Since the primary goal of the Fund is not to make only sustainable investments, the negative impact on sustainability factors is not analyzed in detail and accordingly is not taken into account as a decisive factor in investment decisions. The reason for this is that the Manager has not yet developed a methodology by which it could analyze potential investments and investment objects from ESG aspects in detail, to determine whether and exactly how sustainability factors could be affected - it is planned to be introduced in 2025.

Please see our Sustainability Policy for more information about the operating principles of the Manager, forming the basis for the assessment of sustainability risks, when making decisions related to Fund investments."

Transparency of remuneration policies about the integration of sustainability risks according to Article 5 of the Sustainability Regulation

“Currently, sustainability risks are not integrated into the Manager's remuneration policy.”