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Information about the sustainability of the financial product according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 ON SUSTAINABILITY-RELATED DISCLOSURES IN THE FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTOR (Sustainability Regulation)

Name of the financial product: INDEXO REAL ESTATE FUND AS (Fund).
Transparency of sustainability risk policies according to Article 3 of the Sustainability Regulation
Before making investment decisions, the Company assesses all risks and factors that can have an impact on the value and results of the investment. Sequentially, the Company also assesses environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG or sustainability) factors relevant to the potential investments. Whenever possible, the Company chooses environmentally friendly objects for making investments.  The Company will, as far as possible, promote environmental factors, for example, by striving to achieve higher energy efficiency for real estate objects. The Company selects reliable business partners and potentially also lessees. If any considerable and unsolvable ESG issue is discovered in the risk assessment before making the investment decision, for example, apparent environmental pollution caused by the real estate concerned, the investment will not be performed.
Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts according to Article 4 of the Sustainability Regulation
Even though the Company, before making its investment decisions, will assess the ESG factors and will carry out the assessment of their risks, the primary purpose of the Fund is not to perform sustainable investments only and adverse impacts on sustainability factors are not analyzed in detail, and, correspondingly, they are not considered to comprise a decisive factor for investment decisions. The reason for not doing so is that the Company has not yet developed an algorithm, by which it would be able to analyze in detail the potential investments and investment objects from the ESG perspective, to detect whether and exactly how the sustainability factors could be affected, therewith the Company is willing to avoid the greenwashing policy.
Please see our Sustainability Policy for more information about the operating principles of the Company, forming the basis for the assessment of sustainability risks, when making decisions related to Fund investments.  

Transparency of remuneration policies about the integration of sustainability risks according to Article 5 of the Sustainability Regulation
The remuneration of the employees of the Manager is not directly pegged to the achieved profitability result, therewith the employees are not motivated to assume incommensurately high sustainability risks. 


Regulatory Disclosures